Aconcagua, 6959m. 2017

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Aconcagua, 6959m. The highest America's peak.

In the high mountain ascents in the Andes, and particularly in this, due to its height, proper acclimatization is one factor that most influences the chances of reaching the summit.

The summit of Aconcagua is the roof of America and, without counting the great mountain ranges of Asia, the highest mountain in the world but is also an excellent opportunity to climb a mountain of almost 7,000 meters.

Although it is considered technically easy, requires a high strength, good team work and excellent planning and strategy, to have good chances of success. Another factor is the personal equipment: clothing, boots, gloves and sleeping, among others.

The summit of Aconcagua is always a great challenge for mountain climbers from around the world. Our challenge is to make it more accessible for those who decide to climb with us.


  • 19 days.


Two expeditions!!

  • From November 26 to December 15 2017.
  • From December 26 to 14 January 2018.
  • Ask other dates!


  • Minimum 4 people, maximum 10 people.

*For groups of 3 or less, ask for a budget.


  • 4.300 € - 4pax.
  • 3.400 € - 5pax.
  • 3.200 € - 6pax.
  • 2.850 € - 7pax.
  • 2.750 € - 8pax.
  • 2.700 € - 9pax.
  • 2.600 € - 10pax.

*Price per person and tax included.

*The final price can change depending of €, US$ and country's currency quotation.

*Based on double room and tent, single supplement: 300 €. Tent available only till the BC.

*NOTE: This activity is not covered by the insurance policies that dealt with Intermundial, because we'll up over 5000m, being required Mountain Club license or an insurance policy to cover such activity. In the case of the second option, we will submit the original of this.

You can request for an activity cancellation insurance. More insurance information: Coverage and prices (in Spanish).

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  • Colera C2 at 6.150m

    Colera C2 at 6.150m

  • Aconcagua summit, 6.959m

    Aconcagua summit, 6.959m

  • Group on Aconcagua summit

    Group on Aconcagua summit

  • Mulas BC at 4.300m

    Mulas BC at 4.300m

  • Aconcagua C1 at 5100m

    Aconcagua C1 at 5100m

  • Cimbing Vallecitos peak

    Cimbing Vallecitos peak

  • Aconcagua C2 at 6150m

    Aconcagua C2 at 6150m