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ARVA use and avalanche rescue

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Have you ever considered the danger that the practice of winter sports without the knowledge of using the device transceiver? Whether you go out with snow shoes or ski touring, a good use of security protocols and rescue transceiver device are vital.

At the beginning of the season it's time to start practising with the ARVA. Take a course!


Teaching and promoting the unit's operating techniques avalanche transceiver device, avalanche victim search device with transceiver and know the types of snow and avalanches. Understand and be easily use with the techniques of avalanche transceiver system operating.

  • Learn the techniques of operation of the avalanche transceiver device.
  • Snow transformation knowledge.
  • Know the protocols of security against a danger zone for avalanches.
  • Knowing the search for victims and protocols with the transceiver device.
  • Know the protocols avalanche rescue victims.
  • Know the systems check quality snow.
  • Correctly use the specific material.


  • 2 days.
  • Expres course 1 day.
  • The two courses include a conference of 2 hours the day before the outwork.


  • Expres course 1 day:
  • December 31, 2017.
  • Ask for your dates!


  • 2 days course:
  • Ask for your dates!


  • 9 to 16 hours. Depending of weather and snow conditions.


  • To be determined depending on the particular site will snow conditions. Cerdanya.
  • This course will depend entirely on the condition and amount of snow we get in the area.


  • 50€/1 day course.
  • 100€/2 days course.


  • Minimum 4 person, maximum 10.
  • For les than 4, ask for a budget!


Mountaineering skis or snow shoes, ARVA, shovel and probe.

The price includes the services of a High Mountain Guide UIAGM and dossier of the course.

It does not include ski equipment or snowshoes, safety equipment (transceiver, shovel and probe). Neither includes accommodation in the area, but we can facilitate it. Transportation from your home to the place of activity and return to your final destination, the insurance during the days of activity and expenses incurred by the abandonment of the activity for any reason, it is not included.

We can process your insurance for your course. More information here!

We can provide your hotel, safety equipment and skiing or snow shoes equipment rental.

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