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Ski mountaineering. Level II.

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Know the environment, equipment and material, and avalanches nivology, knowing the ARVA transceiver operating specifications. Learn the techniques of progression during ascent and descent in untreated snows, and learn techniques used in alpine skiing.

  • Learn the progression techniques during ascent and descent in untreated snows.
  • Learn the progression techniques during ascent and descent in a group with safety.
  • Learn the progression techniques with ice axe and crampons.
  • Learn the techniques for auto stop in a snow fall without skis.
  • Learn the map and orienteering techniques.
  • Knowing to rope safety to a partner in difficult passes.
  • Knowing fortune snow abseiling rapel and the materials for work on it.
  • Learn the security protocols to an area of ​​avalanche danger.
  • Learn the research protocols of victims with the ARVA device.
  • Use correctly the specific material. Ropes, knots, ice axes, crampons, etc.
  • Techniques descent group. Abseil by rappel technique and other ropes shunting.


  • 4 days (2 weekends).


  • Ask for you dates! Book it now!


  • 9 to 16 hours. Depending on weather and snow.



  • 300€/person.
  • Minimum 3 people maximum 6.

The price includes 4 days a High Mountain Guide UIAGM teaching and community material as ropes. Course information folder.

Do not include personal equipment such as skis, boots, poles, skins, ski crampons and ARVA device, harness, ice axe and crampons. Do not include insurance or transportation from your departure point to the area of the course.

We can process your insurance for your course. More information here!

We've 5 kits ARVA, avalanche probe and shovel for rent. Price: 40 € / course.

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