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In what mountain discipline do you feel weakest?

  • You go mountaineering, but you cannot read a map with enough definition to orient yourself correctly?
  • Do you not climb because the final ridge is the trickiest step and you do not have the knowledge to climb safe correctly?
  • Do you climb indoor or in areas prepared for the “top rope”, but do not know how to set up meetings or put moving parts?
  • Are you a mountaineer but want to know more?
  • Do you practice Skimo on the slopes, but don’t know enough about off-piste, avalanches and mapping?

Do you feel represented in these questions?

Tell us your level in a specific discipline and we will adapt the training to your level and your needs!

Learn in your mountain needs!!!

  • Ask for your dates
  • The group of people will depend on the training course chosen, but will not be on large groups of people. If you wish, your training course could be for you alone!
  • Ask for a budget!


  • It will depend on the type of training course, place, duration, number of people forming the group, etc.
  • Ask for a budget and we will detail the price.

By participating in one of the activities on this website, you are covered by a mandatory minimum accident and RC insurance. But we recommend that you are federated or have good travel and activity insurance.

If you do not have one, we can provide it. Check out this link.

Location: Dependrà de la disciplina
Nivell: Adaptat al teu nivell
Preu: Demana un pressupost!