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Which climb, wall, ridge or peak do you want to climb?

Let yourself be guided, and let us guide you! What dates do you have on vacation? Is there a place in the world where you want to climb? Are you still dreaming to climbing any route somebody recommended?

The Dent d’Orlú, Naranjo de Bulnes, Salenques ridge, Maladeta … If you are not with enough technic , don’t worry, we will do the training to reach your challenge!

Come with us and enjoy climbing!

  • Ask for your dates!
  • Maximum 2 persons.
  • Ask for a budget!


  • The price only include the IFMGA Guide salary.
  • Compulsory minimum accident insurance.

No included:

  • The flight ticket, refuges, meals, hotels, etc.
  • Nothing specified in the previous section.

By participating in one of the activities on this website, you are covered by a mandatory minimum accident and RC insurance. But we recommend that you are federated or have good travel and activity insurance.

If you do not have one, we can provide it. Check out this link.

Location: On vulguis!
Nivell: Ens adaptem al teu nivell
Preu: Des de 180€!