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Have you ever considered the danger of practicing winter sports without the knowledge of the use of the ARVA device? Whether you go snowshoeing or ski mountain, a good use of security protocols and rescue Arva device are vital.

At the beginning of the season is the time to start practicing with the ARVA device. Take a course!

You can attend the course with mountain skis, snowshoes or splitboard!


Teach and promote the operating techniques of the ARVA device, search for avalanche victims with the ARVA device and know the types of snow and avalanche. Get to know and familiarize yourself with the operating techniques of the ARVA device.

  • Acquire knowledge to prepare a winter activity.
  • Know the operating techniques of the ARVA device.
  • Introduction to levels of knowledge to recognize and avoid avalanches.
  • Understand security protocols against an avalanche danger zone.
  • Know the protocols of search for victims with the ARVA device.
  • Know the rescue protocols for avalanche victims.
  • Understand cloud computing checking systems and their layers.
  • Use the specific material correctly.
  • Winter 2020-2021.
  • We can adapt to your dates!
  • Minimum 4 people, maximum 10 people.
  • For 3 clients or less, ask for a budget!
  • 100€ / 2 days course.
  • Prices per person & tax included.
  • The price includes the teach of theory and practical classes by UIAGM Guide. Informative dossier of the course.


From 9 to 16 hours approximately. Depending on the weather and snow conditions.


To determine the specific place according to snow conditions. Cerdanya.
This course will depend entirely on the condition and quantities of snow we have in the area.
We can move to other areas

By participating in one of the activities on this website, you are covered by a mandatory minimum accident and RC insurance. But we recommend that you are federated or have good travel and activity insurance.

If you do not have one, we can provide it. Check out this link.

Location: Pyrenees
Level: Low
Price: From 50€